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Ruwiki is a simple, extensible Wiki written in Ruby. It supports both CGI and WEBrick interfaces, templates, and CSS formatting. Additionally, it supports project namespaces, so that two pages can be named the same for differing projects without colliding or odd naming conventions. Please see the Ruwiki project for more information.

NOTE: If you are viewing this wiki on RubyForge, you must first log in to RubyForge in order to edit pages.

Ruwiki is also an internationalised Wiki, although more testing, especially testing with multibyte character encodings and Unicode (UTF-8) is required. There are German and Spanish localisations of the messages included with the Ruwiki distribution.

The current version is 0.9.1. Enhancements and changes include:

The full list of changes can be found in Ruwiki::ChangeLog, with discussions of various features in Ruwiki::WikiMarkup, Ruwiki::Configuring Ruwiki, and Ruwiki::Extending Ruwiki.

If you are upgrading from a version of Ruwiki older than 0.8.0, please read Ruwiki::RuwikiUtilities.

Certain Ruwiki APIs are considered stable at this point, others will be changing leading up to 1.0. Some of this is discussed in Ruwiki::To Do, with further architectural discussions in Ruwiki::Roadmap.

Projects in Ruwiki

Please review Tutorial and Ruwiki if you are unfamiliar with the concept of Wikis in general. If you want to play with WikiFormatting for Ruwiki, use the Ruwiki::SandBox.

This is one of the two official wiki locations for Ruwiki. As such, it has demonstrations for all templates and translated languages.

Ruwiki development is hosted at RubyForge. The current release of Ruwiki can always be downloaded from RubyForge or the development (unstable) version can be obtained from CVS.